5 Common Problems and the Dental Bonding Solution

5 Common Problems and the Dental Bonding Solution

Dec 17, 2018

Many patients are not happy with their smile, but don’t see a dentist with the concerns for fear of the cost and time spent. However, with modern dentistry, you don’t need to worry! Modern dental bonding is efficient, fast, safe, and provides better results than ever. The Dental Team has compiled everything you need to know about the dental bonding solution for your smile.

Closing Gaps

Gaps between teeth are common, and are often a concern because they tend to be in the front of the mouth and quite visible. Dental bonding is possible for all teeth, even those front teeth. Careful, custom composites make a discreet solution that looks absolutely natural!

Changing Tooth Shape

Some patients have teeth that, for a variety of reasons, may appear larger or smaller than others. This is no problem for dental bonding, which smooths out discrepancies in size and shape.

Protecting Roots

Sometimes, permanent damage can be caused by brushing too vigorously, and our gums begin to recede. This leads to exposed roots, a source of persistent pain and sensitivity. Don’t live with this discomfort—ask your dentist about the dental bonding solution, which fills this space and protects your roots from further problems!

Repairing Small Chips and Fractures

There are many reasons teeth can chip, wear, and fracture. Almost everyone encounters this problem at some point. Fixing this aesthetic and functional issue is no problem with dental bonding, which easily restores the natural form and shape of your tooth.

Restoring Decayed Teeth

More advanced problems such as teeth which have experienced decay are also candidates for composite resin. Unlike some other solutions, dental bonding with composite resin supports extra longevity and strength, because it’s applied directly to the tooth. And there’s no need to worry about this resin looking unnatural, because each composite is custom-shaded to match your natural tooth.

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There’s no need to live with discomfort, pain, or embarrassment over functional or aesthetic problems with your teeth. Modern dental bonding offers a fast, simple solution that’s highly cost-effective. The experts at The Dental Team have a wealth of experience in dental bonding, and look forward to giving you the smile you deserve.