Are you looking to have crowns? Here is how you should care for your temporary crowns

Are you looking to have crowns? Here is how you should care for your temporary crowns

Apr 01, 2021

There are different types of crowns. Some will cost you a fortune to have while some will cost less but will depend on you to ensure that they serve their purpose. Whether you have stainless steel crowns, metal crowns, porcelain-fused to metal crowns, or all resin crowns the effectiveness and usefulness of the crown will rely heavily on how they are taken care of. The dentist will do his work of ensuring that you have your crowns perfectly installed. However, it will be upon you to take care of them and maintain them after the visits to the dentist.  Temporary dental crowns particularly require extensive care after they are put in place.

When one goes to have crowns fixed, they are installed with temporary crowns. The crowns hold the position where the crowns are to be put as the patient awaits the dentist to have the permanent crowns installed. If these the crowns are not well taken care of, they may result to complications even before the actual crowns are put in place. For this reason, extra care should be taken as one awaits the actual permanent crown to be put in place. Here is how you should take care of your temporary dental crowns after they are put in place as you wait for the permanent crowns.

Avoid certain foods during the period you will be wearing the crowns

You should avoid foods that are chewing and sticky. Foods such as chewing gum or those containing sticky caramel may stick the crown and grab them out of place. The crowns are loosely attached to the teeth and would thus be displaced with the efforts of this type of food and you may find yourself on your way to the dentist.

Minimize using the crowned teeth

If your teeth that are crowned are on a particular area of the mouth, if possible avoid using the part of the mouth that is affected. You should shift the bulk of the chewing and biting to the other side of the mouth that is not affected.  This will give the teeth some minimal disturbance and ensure that the integrity of the temp crowns is not interfered with during the eating process.

Avoid chewing hard foods

It is important that you avoid hard food when you have temp crowns. The temp crowns are not very strongly attached to the teeth because they are expected to be removed sooner. Hard food may have the effect of dislodging or breaking the crown that has been attached. It is important to avoid tough bites because they stand possibility of dislodging the crowns from their point of attachment.

When flossing slide and don’t lift out

Ehen you are flossing your teeth, you should watch out for the crown. Cleaning between the teeth ay pose as a is advisable that instead of lifting up the dental floss when flossing between the teeth, you slide. Lifting out may catch the part that is crowned and pull it out in the process dislodging the crown from the teeth.

What you should also know about crowns

You should also know that permanent crowns are meant to last between five to 15 years. However, this depends with the level of wear and tear that the crowns are subjected to and the type of crown that you have. It is thus important that proper care should be maintained even after the permanent crowns are installed. Good oral hygiene practice should be maintained to avoid decay or gum disease.

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