Do Not Let Your Natural Teeth Bridge the Gap in Your Mouth When Dental Bridges Can Help You

Do Not Let Your Natural Teeth Bridge the Gap in Your Mouth When Dental Bridges Can Help You

Sep 02, 2020

Have you lost one or more teeth and wonder whether or not you should replace them with available solutions? You undoubtedly have a challenge before you that you must overcome at the earliest. You can either contact dental bridges in Brookfield, CT, for replacement solutions with dental bridges or allow your teeth to bridge the gap themselves without spending a dime.

Which option do you think is best suited for your needs? Spending money will concern you because dental bridges are not the most affordable solutions available. Visits to the dental office to undergo the preparatory work for having the dental bridges will appear as another challenge. When these two concerns are combined with dental anxiety, you may believe it is a better option to let your natural teeth bridge the gap without concerning yourself. However, you are advised against doing so because you invite additional problems that will expose you to unnecessary expenditure.

Why Must You Consider Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are fixed dental prostheses that are used to replace one or several missing teeth by joining a false tooth to the adjacent teeth or dental implants. Bridges can also be used to protect or reshape teeth that have encountered significant damage to prevent complications that may arise because of tooth loss.

You could be a suitable candidate for a dental bridge if you are missing a single tooth or multiple neighboring teeth. Dental bridges can replace between 1 to 3 lost or extracted teeth. If you have healthy teeth around the space left by the missing tooth, you can have traditional Bridges where a Pontic replaces the missing tooth, and abutments are placed on the adjacent teeth.

If you have just one healthy tooth beside the Gap you can opt for cantilever bridges that are attached to a single dental crown on one side. These are considered suitable for the back teeth and will be an option you can consider if you have lost a molar.

Why Replacing Missing Teeth Is Important?

When you leave spaces in your smile is not only uncomfortable but also unhealthy. Besides making you self-conscious about your mouth, missing more than one teeth can interfere with your everyday activities to bring upon you additional oral health issues. When you leave the responsibility of closing the gaps to your natural teeth, they begin working earnestly and shift position to close the gap. However, the teeth in the opposite jaw may start to push down or up because they no longer have a chewing surface. Your jawbone begins to deteriorate when you allow your teeth to accomplish a job that dentists should be doing. The issue will cause discomfort and change the shape of your face. This is the reason why replacing the missing teeth in your mouth with a solution appropriate to you is recommended by the dentist in Brookfield, CT.

Type of Dental Bridges You Can Choose

After you decide against allowing your natural teeth to accomplish a job your dentist should be doing, you can discuss a natural-looking dental bridge to close the gap left behind by the missing tooth. You have options from choosing a sturdy and stain-resistant composite bridge that appears natural and provides you a realistic appearance and excellent fit. The dentist in Brookfield, CT, will work with you closely to design and place a dental bridge that appears and feels great in your mouth.

Losing your natural teeth is never a pleasant experience and brings upon you the needed to look for replacement solutions to close gaps in your smile as well as avoid the only issues that will affect you. The remaining teeth in your mouth make an attempt to close the gap but are unsuitable for doing so because they disrupt your bite and cause other issues like tooth decay and sagging of your facial appearance.

Instead of inviting a host of issues that will affect your mouth and face, wouldn’t it be beneficial if you decided to have the gaps filled with dental bridges? The replacement solution will help you to maintain your smile and other oral activities to lead the healthy life that you once did with your natural teeth.