Have Problems with Your Teeth: Why Not Coronate Them with Crowns

Have Problems with Your Teeth: Why Not Coronate Them with Crowns

May 01, 2020

Do you have teeth that are severely worn down, cracked and weakened or have just undergone a root canal therapy that would have rendered your tooth fragile? You will not be in a position to leave the tooth as it is because it is likely to break away soon to leave unsightly gaps in your mouth. While you may wonder what you should do with the problematic teeth, dentists can offer you a solution that will help you to coronate the problematic teeth in your mouth with a tooth crown. The tooth cap will be similar to a crown and will sit on top of the affected tooth.

Why Should You Consider the Coronation of Your Affected Tooth?

A member of a dynastic family is always coronated even when he or she is diseased. Consider the position of your tooth as somewhat similar and decide to discuss the matter with your dentist to understand the type of Dental crowns you should select for the Coronation. The dentist will look at the tooth’s location along with the position of your gum line, how much of your tooth will be visible when you smile and the function and color of the affected tooth before offering you different options for the crowns that will be suitable. You can consider having porcelain caps or even ceramic teeth that will resemble the color of your natural teeth and will not show off when speaking or smiling. If you have any personal preferences you can discuss them with the dentist and consider which crown you would like to have for your teeth to improve your smile and appearance.

If you do not want to leave the affected tooth unprotected until the coronation you can have a temporary crown placed on it until the big day arrives. Your dentist will place the crown over the tooth temporarily for a short period applying an adhesive that can be easily removed. The temporary crown will not be as strong as the permanent one but will protect your teeth nevertheless. This is an option you can consider as a temporary measure while you are waiting for a permanent crown to be delivered.

If the dentist you contact has the latest technology and can provide you a CEREC crown you can complete the coronation the same day you visit the dentist. CEREC crown is made from CAD/CAM technology and is milled in the dentist’s office to provide the protection needed by your tooth in just a couple of hours. Yes, the price of these crowns is certainly higher but will spare you the waiting time to have the matter completed in a single day.

Preparing for the Coronation

If you have opted for the regular variety of dental crowns you will need to make a couple of visits to the dentists’ office. During the first visit, your teeth will be examined and prepared for the crown by taking x-rays of the tooth. An impression of the tooth will also be taken. Your dentist will file down the tooth to remove part of the enamel before taking another impression of the trimmed tooth and the neighboring teeth. It is at this stage that a temporary crown will be placed over the tooth to protect it. The impressions will be forwarded to the dental laboratory from where the crown you have chosen will be fabricated. This process will require several weeks and can delay the coronation until that time. Fortunately, the temporary crown will serve its purposes until the big moment.

When the dental laboratory returns your crowns you need to visit the dentist again to have the temporary crown removed for placing the permanent crown.

If you have opted for the same-day procedure you just need to wait at the dentists’ office to have him or her take digital pictures of your mouth and fabricate the tooth crown right there in the dentists’ office. With the same-day crown, you will not need a temporary crown and will be able to walk away with the new crown on your tooth in approximately 3 to 4 hours. However, as mentioned earlier you may have to pay a higher price for these crowns to make your teeth look better.

Caring for the Crown after the Coronation

The coronation over does not mean it is time to begin partying and open the champagne because you need to provide careful attention to ensure the crown prince has a long life because of the investment you made in it. Brookfield dental team will recommend you need to practice careful brushing by using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The habit of flossing is also a requirement as well as avoiding hard foods especially if you have chosen porcelain caps. If you have a problem with bruxism your dentist may recommend a nightguard to protect your crown and the surrounding teeth.

If you take good care of your crowns you can rest assured they will remain with you for 5 to 15 years and make you feel proud that you had finally chosen a suitable crown prince and coronated it to give you the benefit of a beautiful smile and appearance.