Maintaining Healthy Dental Habits

Maintaining Healthy Dental Habits

Nov 19, 2018

Our dentists and team of registered hygienists are dedicated to treating and educating all patients in maintaining healthy dental habits. This commitment extends beyond a scheduled appointment.

Unlike other dental practices in the Brookfield area, the dental professionals at The Dental Team utilize the most advanced technology and techniques to ensure that all patients experience effective, productive and amiable dental visits.

Regular Check-Ups

Loyalty to regular dental appointments is the best strategy in maintaining a healthy smile and oral wellness. The administering of general dental services, such as cleanings, fillings, sealants and fluoride treatments, is the best method to prevent serious issues and invasive remedies. Regular check-ups and the application of advanced dental technology will aid in the early detection of acute dental conditions.

Dental Technology

The use of advanced dental technology during a routine visit, or during a procedure to aggressively treat serious conditions, such as a root canal or gum disease, will improve the overall experience of the patient. Modern-day instruments and techniques are less invasive, quieter and more precise than what is typically envisioned as a visit to the dentist.

Dental technology is specific and personal to patient care. Our dentists will individualize treatment and preventative plans to all patients based upon the outcomes of this technology.

Healthy Dental Habits

All patients need to know and to understand healthy dental habits before these habits can be maintained. In addition to regular brushing, flossing, and visits to the dentist, dietary habits are an integral part in maintaining oral health. The reactions of sugar and acidic foods to the digestive enzymes and bacteria within the oral cavity will cause damage to tooth enamel.

A diet high in Vitamin C, calcium and protein, along with drinking water throughout the day, are necessary additions to preventative habits between dental appointments.


The maintenance of healthy dental habits away from the dental chair is the responsibility of the patient. Regular visits to the dentist near you for appropriate treatments and diagnostic procedures are methods in establishing the outcomes of one’s dental habits.

Healthy dental habits outside of the dentist office make for positive outcomes inside the dentist office.