Crown Lengthening in Brookfield, CT

Do you need a crown lengthening? Are you perhaps getting a crown or suffering through a cavity and suddenly hearing that you need a surgical procedure? There are several reasons you might need to have a crown lengthening procedure done at the Dental Team in Brookfield, CT, and what it entails.

The procedure to have your crown lengthened is intended to reshape your gums at the base of the desired tooth, or to expose more of your teeth’s surface, or even adjust the bone level so that way you’ve extended the size or height of the portion of the tooth that is visible above the gum line. This helps to keep your new restoration in place. Your gums require about 2mm of surface area to bond with to keep out food and prevent other problems. If a portion of the tooth is missing or if decay is too deep, then crown lengthening is recommended by the Dental Team to recreate the necessary amount of exposed tooth, so the restoration will weaken or completely fall off.

There are several dental conditions that might need restorations that will require crown lengthening including having short teeth, having severe tooth decay that’s below the gum line, or having a tooth fracture beneath the gum line.

When a tooth breaks off, or if severe decay exists, then the remaining healthy tooth area is smaller, and this will affect a successful tooth restoration. Using crown lengthening will provide more surface room and act as an anchor for things such as veneers and crowns.

This surgery is typically performed in less than an hour. Special surgical instruments are used to recontour the gum tissue and underlying bone that’s around your tooth for which the crown has been planned. There is no risk to adjacent teeth because only the tissue in the immediate vicinity of the tooth is treated.

Crown lengthening will be performed at the Dental Team while using a general anesthetic. Sometimes patients require sedation as well, and this can be provided. The chosen area of gums is then reduced and contoured by removing a tiny amount of tissue. The end goal is to lengthen certain teeth and generate better symmetry at the gum line.