Dental Implants in Brookfield, CT

If you’re looking for a natural smile that functions like normal after losing one or more teeth, then The Dental Team in Brookfield, CT may recommend dental implants near you, as an option.

Think about your smile for a moment. Do you want it to be healthy and appear aesthetically pleasing? Dental implants near you, might just be the best option for you. They are one of the best ways to fix your smile after severe tooth decay or injuries that have resulted in one or more missing teeth. Unlike other procedures that simply replace the crown, a dental implant will replace both the crown and the root. The new root will help stop your jawbone from possible deterioration.

Maintaining proper dental hygiene such as brushing, and flossing is important even if you’ve lost teeth and dental implants are great because they allow for you to continue to brush and floss like normal. Since they function like normal teeth, you’ll also be able to speak and eat correctly.

They’re not just functional though! Dental implants in Brookfield, CT, are natural looking so people won’t even be able to tell when you have one because they blend right into the rest of your teeth. They’re also durable. With the right oral hygiene habits and checkups with your dentist in Brookfield, CT, dental implants can last you for the rest of your life.

If The Dental Team has determined that dental implants near you, are the right choice for you, then you can begin the lengthy procedure. First, the dentist in Brookfield, CT, will insert the implants into your jaw. This might take several visits, all depending on how many implants are necessary. You’ll have to rest and heal for a few months after this as the oral tissue and bone begin to heal around your implant, creating a solid foundation.

Once you’re healed, you can return for the next step. This involves creating and inserting the restoration over your new dental implants near you. This is generally done with a dental crown. All-ceramic crowns are options for individual dental implants, whereas an implant-retained bridge can be an easier and more affordable option if you need to cover more than one dental implant.