Preventive Dentistry in Brookfield, CT

If you are taking care of your teeth so you can keep them healthy, then you are already practicing preventive dentistry in Brookfield, CT. This includes avoiding cavities, addressing enamel wear, treating gum disease, and dealing with other dental problems as they crop up.

The Dental Team in Brookfield, CT suggests that you practice preventive dentistry near you by brushing your teeth twice a day every day, flossing daily, and keeping up with your dental cleaning appointments set by your dentist. It’s very important to dental health to see your preventive dentist near you, on a regular basis.

Make Sure Your Brush

One of the most important parts of maintaining oral hygiene is making sure that you always brush your teeth. The Dental Team suggests brushing twice a day using fluoride specific toothpaste that’s been recommended by the American Dental Association (or the ADA for short). Replacing your toothpaste is important as well because it gathers bacteria over time and also the bristles can begin to fray. It’s recommended that you change them out every three to four months.

Make Flossing a Priority

Along with brushing every day, make sure you are flossing your teeth. This keeps the space between teeth clean and fresh. If you aren’t positive that you’re flossing correctly, then ask the dentist at The Dental Team if you’re doing it right.

Check in With Your Dentist

Most people need to see the preventive dentist near you, at least once a year, though sometimes it’s necessary to visit your preventive dentist twice a year depending on their recommendation. If you have any teeth or gum problems, they can address them right away.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Having a good diet is important to your oral health. This is because eating the proper food provides your teeth with the nutrients you need. Also avoiding too much sugar, whether it’s in food or beverages, is important because too much sugar can contribute to cavities and tooth decay. This includes soda, coffee, and juices. If you don’t know what to drink, then have a glass of water!

Practicing preventive dentistry in Brookfield, CT, is great for everyone, no matter how old they are. It’s especially good for children because you want to instill good habits in them at a young age.