White Fillings in Brookfield, CT

Dentists have used silver (amalgam) dental fillings in Brookfield, CT, for a long time in order to repair teeth that have decayed. Though they are safe and usually affordable, a lot of people are now deciding to have white dental fillings, so they match the rest of their natural looking smile. These fillings are made of a composite resin. Before you decide to get them, though, you should always investigate all the other options that are available.

Cast Gold Dental Fillings

Gold does not corrode and therefore cast gold dental fillings near you, are very long-lasting. Gold is what’s used when making inlays and onlays a lot of the time. They can last for over fifteen years! They can take two visits to place on. First, the dentist at The Dental Team in Brookfield, CT will clean your tooth from any decay that’s infected it, prepare your teeth, and then make the necessary molds. He’ll send the molds to a dental lab where the dental filling is created in Brookfield, CT. Once done, the gold is then cemented onto your tooth. This can be quite expensive, however.

Amalgam Dental Fillings

Made up of several different metals, including tin, copper, mercury, zinc, and silver, amalgam fillings are considered to be a durable and affordable option. They can, however, begin to deteriorate over time, and then stain the enamel of the remaining tooth. They are silver in color, which means they aren’t typically used on front teeth.

White Fillings

White fillings (or composite resin) in Brookfield, CT, are made up of a combination that includes plastics and tiny pieces of glass particles. They are wonderful when you need a cavity filled, but they’re more useful than just that. They can also help repair the shape of a misshapen tooth or even change the colour of a tooth. The process is very simple and takes just one visit to The Dental Team. A color is chosen by the dentist that matches the rest of your mouth. Then decay is removed. A special light will then harden the white filling material to your one or more teeth. It’s then shaped appropriately and finally polished. This helps it become smooth and more stain resistant.